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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 25, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> good morning, everyone. 6:00 a.m. and i'm katie marzullo. we will start off with a quick look at the weather. he's meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning. >> good morning. we have the cloud cover that's keeping us a little warmer. it is a spare-the-air day today. we are looking at the clouds to thin on out to bring as you partly cloudy afternoon. by noontime we will be about 60 degrees all around the bay. in the afternoon again temperatures above arrange with 60s to near 70s but the cloud cover will be sticking around for the second half of your weekend and more interesting changes in the seven-day outlook. we will have more in a few minutes. katie.
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>> i like the sound of that. we begin with breaking news out of oakland where one person is dead after being hit by several cars. it happened around 11:00 last night on interstate 24. police say it's unclear how the victim ended up on that freeway. the chp initially received calls of a disabled motorcycle on eastbound 980, which is a transition roadway located above i-24. >> when our units arrived on scene we found a motorcycle, no occupant near the motorcycle. several minutes later we got calls of a pedestrian that was possibly struck by vehicles and we responded to this scene here and confirmed that. we have a few vehicles that did stop and we are investigating exactly how this person ended up on the freeway and how many vehicles possibly might have struck the person. interstate 980 was closed for two hours while they investigated but it has since reopened. >> check out in video in antioch
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where a car went into a house. it was on buchanan road overnight. a house went out of control and slammed into one house and then into another one, as well. residents said they were surprised by what they saw when they got out of bed. >> we were just laying in bed and all of a sudden we hear a loud like explosion. felt the house shake a little bit. so get up and we hear talking and lights outside the window and we see the window had been busted out so we thought somebody was breaking in. we walk outside, and that's what we found in the yard, the car. it's one of the things you hear on the news, but you don't expect it to be in your front yard. >> the cause of the collision is under investigation. >> shock at a bay area elementary school. a popular teacher was arrested on suspicious she tried to poison her co-workers. police arrested teresa badger from benicia. >> 47-year-old theresa badger, police say, served
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marijuana-laced food to her co-workers at a potluck holiday party in november. >> they were probably 15, 20 people at the party and i would say half of them developed symptoms or objective signs of being under the influence. >> two guests who work with badger at turner elementary school in benicia were taken to the hospital not knowing what they had eaten a school. joseph nickel, a school parent, spoke to one of them. >> it was obviously something she ate. she was hallucinating or something along those lines. she was distraught over what happened basically. >> police say another guest took some of the marijuana-laced food home and their 15-year-old child ate it and then got sick. >> it was learned that ms. badger had admitted to some of the partygoers that she had brought food that had marijuana in it. >> but police say badger did denied any involvement when they arrested her at her home. mr. pedilla has known her as a person for years.
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>> i know her as someone very kind and a sweet individual. this doesn't fit. it really doesn't fit. >> badger, who received an award for outstanding achievement as a kindergarten teacher, is now facing three felony counts of poisoning. in benicia, alan wang, abc7 news. we are learning that the man who was hit and killed by a caltran earlier this week was trying to help another man off the tracks. schultz was hit at the santa clara station. they looked at the surveillance video and the man was reaching for the other man on the tracks and then they were both hit by an express train. schultz died and the other man is in the hospital with multiple fractures. he's not yet able to talk with investigators. >> students at a local community college are on alert after a person said he was taken from the campus and sexually assaulted. it happened at the college of marin in kentfield. up a ma dates has the latest. >> college of marin now has
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extra police officers patrolling parking lot 13. the added security is in response to a kidnapping and sexual assault that began in the lot around 8:00. >> that's horrible. that's pretty scary. >> students were notified through e-mail, text alerts and even a facebook post. the victim, a male student, said that when he got in his car after class, there was a man with a gun in the back seat who forced him to drive to tam valley where the man sexually assaulted him. the opportunity was able to escape and get help, but the attacker also escaped. he's described as black male, 6'3" to 6'2" heavy of heavy set, weighing 220 to 235 pounds. >> someone who did this is a sick person >> this person started to put up alert notices around campus. >> i am going to get a parking permit so i can park closer to campus. >> he often uses the lot at night. >> generally it's pretty empty because a lot of students have left already. the vice president of college
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operations said lot 13 is a temporary lot the school has had for a number of years. >> it's a parking lot used by the community and so forth. it's a free parking lot we use for students as well. >> he said permanent lights aren't allowed because it's in a marsh zone, but because of the assault, the temporary lights have been put up and the school getting gets to start closing is the lot at 11:00 p.m. the students can also ask for an escort from police. ama daetz, abc7 news. >> federal officials have approved safety changes at san francisco general hospital after a patient was found dead in a stairwell. in september lynn spalding disappeared from her room, but her body wasn't discovered until two and a half weeks later in a locked stairwell. hospital stairwell doors are now equipped with alarms and sheriff's deputies who provide security at the hospital must search the stare as well as every day. >> oakland police are looking to crack down on the number of car thefts in the city and today mayor jean quan will host the club giveaway. along with the interim police
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chief. they will giveaway 200 steering wheel locks to residents in the clinton park neighborhood where car thefts are among the highest. the clubs will be handed out on 6th avenue between nine and eleven this morning. many fans of big-wave surfing are already looking to next year's mavericks invitational off half moon bay. meanwhile, one world-class surfer has taken only a $12,000 prize for winning the contest yesterday. we have more from half moon bay on the competition and the celebration. >> let's take a look at a perfect ten by grant twiggy baker. >> grant baker glided into the top spot at this year's mavericks invitational. this is his second win. he won back in 2006. he said this win took a lot of training. >> but you never dream of winning. for me i'm probably thinking about it tomorrow but right now i'm enjoying the feeling. >> for the second contest in a row, spectators milled around half moon bay and watched the
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action on bar tvs or paid $15 to watch on a big tv set up in parking lot. ever since mavericks 2010 swept throughout clouds, watching the action for the action, organizers have closed that access there. some fans missed that view. >> still by the ocean but it would be fun to be on the cliff. a good time. >> there were much smaller crowds than years past. something local restaurants quickly noticed. >> any empty seats? plenty of empty seats. >> at the end of the day they packed up their hot dog stand for a drive back to redwood city. they are taking home plenty they didn't sell. >> last year we had two people working the event and it was all day long. this year one person could have handled it no problem. >> they sold about two-thirds fewer dogs this year than last year. >> usually there's droves of people and this year just a few people here and there. >> still they love the event and are already looking forward to next year.
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in half moon bay, abc7 news. >> look at those waves. i was able to go out on a boat and so a five them yesterday. >> you didn't get sick, though? >> no. i'm good on boats. >> the high surf advisory has been lifted as well as the high fire danger. we have high clouds and a spare-the-air day today. we are switching it up alleges little bit. mild temperatures to start. the winds have changed in the seven-day outlook. that's straight ahead. >> thank you, lisa. next, rescue crews trying to get into a retirement home that is completely frozen over with possibly dozen of seniors trapped
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>> welcome back. there you can see san francisco embarcadero and the bay bridge. looks nice and sparkably but not a cloud star in the sky. cloudy. it will warm up to 57 and we will see some sun later on today. lisa argen will have all the details coming in the forecast in a little bit. meanwhile, freezing temperatures, forcing emergency includes to stop their search until this morning for victims of a massive retirement home fire in canada. the fire broke out thursday morning in quebec, killing eight people. 30 of the home's 52 residents are still missing. crews have only been able to work in 45-minute shifts to minimize exposure to the -6 temperatures there.
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they have to use steam to mel the ice that are coating the ruins. a texas judge has ordered fort worth hospital to remove a ventilator from a brain-dead woman by monday. the woman is 22 weeks pregnant. her husband found her unconscious in late november. particulartors believe she suffered from a blood clot in her lung. a ventilator has been keeping her alive against the wishes of her family. they said it was protecting the affidavit of a young child. but in an affidavit yesterday the hospital stated the fetus was not viable. tickets will go on sale starting today to see the dali llama when he returns to the bay area next month. the spiritual leader will speak at berkeley high school on how to achieve happiness as part of his latest north american tour. tickets will be on sale today and tomorrow from ten to four. the tickets are $50 each. the transportation security administration confiscates some pretty bizarre items from passengers, and we have a look
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at some of the weirdest from last year. human skull fragments. the passenger carrying on the potential crime scene thought it was a bunch of old pots. a medieval style weapon, fake suicide bomber's vest belonging to an explosives instructors and ninja stars and throwing knives and a world war ii bazooka round and a knife disguised as a pen. sfo's new terminal will open to united passengers on tuesday. the $138 million remodel is designed to give passengers a first class experience before they even take off. lilian kim gives us a tour. >> sfo's terminal 3 boarding area e has a mid-century feel. but when it comes to conveniences, it's 21st century all the way. there are 375 power outlets and nine workstations. the interactive flight deck gives people information about sfo and san francisco.
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>> we provided a lot of luxury perks that one wouldn't expect to find in an airport. maybe in a four or five star hotel. but we found in this investment pays off. >> boarding area e opens to the public tuesday, a little less than two years after terminal 2's overhaul. travelers can expect a living room feel, food and vendors from san francisco, a dressing room in bogey the men's and women's rest rooms, and a yoga room. >> this is the first yoga room in united airports anywhere that i'm aware of. >> jeff is chairman, president and ceo of united. the airline put $50 million into boarding area e, which is part of their plan to offer service to asia. they will soon offer flights to asain cities. >> we're offering transportation from san francisco to china and to taipei on a 777. you will see more of that growth from us as we take advantage of
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the power house hub. >> it's the first phase of terminal e's overall. phase 2 will be completed in the summer of 2015. abc7 news. today sfo is offering a sneak-peek of the terminal. that's from noon to five. abc7 news is sponsoring it. tickets are free but tickets are required to get one. we have a link on our website under "see it on tv." >> lisa argen has seen a little bit of it already. did you stay cool? >> very cool. very posh. kind of makes it a different experience. >> takes the sting out of traveling. >> we will have to go international now. good morning, everyone. looking at live doppler 7hd where we have plenty of cloud cover this morning. that's keeping the temperatures up all around the bay. so mainly in the 40s. san francisco, though, and the coast, balmy 50s out there. the how clouds will thin out and we will look for hazy conditions for a spare-the-air day today. we had one last saturday.
6:17 am
win a week without one but now it's back. emeryville looking at the cloudy skies. san francisco, 52 degrees with low 40s for oakland. mid-40s redwood city and 47 los gatos. good morning half moon bay and 59 for you. from our exploratorium camera, the winds of calm and usually with the clear sky that's how the temperatures drop. but with the cloud cover, it's insulating us so in the north by you are waking up to milder readings, in the low 40s. 48 by the delta with livermore coming in one of the cooler conditions at 43. concord, you are waking up to 46 degrees. from our roof camera this morning, you will notice the clouds when the sun comes up after 7:00. we will look for those to thin out, allowing for some high clouds, some sunshine, the hazy conditions and the air quality in certain parts of the bay not so great. so you will definitely see that out there. take it easy if you are planning on doing some exercising. looking at better air quality
6:18 am
for tomorrow and perhaps some low clouds returning tonight. signs of change for the week ahead. from our sutro tower camera, here's a look where the air quality won't be so great. from the north by or inland east bay from the santa clara valley. that's the 30th spare the air alert since november 1st. we are looking at high pressure once again keeping a lid on the atmosphere. it is a situation where the storms will stay to the north for the first half of the work week. back to today, notice how the clouds begin to thin out and that will bring us the filtered sunshine. temperatures still mild. a flow is going to kick up along the khost and that will allow for the cooler temperatures here. in fact not only today but for much of the work week. looks like that westerly flow, more of an on-shore push keeping the numbers cooler. this area of high pressure bringing the cloud cover, but that's about it. we will take you out to the rest of the month and into early february. as the high pressure begins to weaken, by the end of the work
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week looks like we could get some trace amounts and beyond that, into the first weekend of february, the first couple days of february looking more like we will see a little bit more in the way of precip. not looking like any huge storms. every bit helps. high temperatures ranging from 67 in the city to 70 palo alto, san jose. another mild afternoon with above-normal readings. hazy conditions and a spare a se air alert today. accuweather seven-day fast, patchy fog tomorrow. little change temperature-wise. cooler monday. tuesday partly cloudy. the farmest days of the week will be the middle of the week and then we go the other direction. look at that, maybe a chance of showers thursday and sprinkles friday. abc7 news has another great weather resource for you to follow. twitter for the latest bay area weather conditions and spare the air alerts, powe outage in go weather tweets from your favorite weather team. so that was an update for you.
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>> cool. maybe we will actually see some green on the radar. >> it's a little bit laughable, the amount, but still it's looking a little different. >> very good. thank you, lisa. next, how an nb a-team is bringing tv viewers closer than ever to the action. stay with us.
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>> welcome back. january isn't even over but ice not too early to start planning for valentine's day. michael finney has some ideas to help you think outside the candy box. >> this is north beach and here's a reality check. this place is low lying. >> the neighborhood is really alive during valentine's day. >> anthony knows about these things. he spends a lot of his day roasting coffee in the front window of cafe roma. he welcomes the valentine's day tour organized by this guy. >> romance is really how you connect with someone or your spouse. that connection to food is really enjoying stuff together. so the best times i have had is when both of us have had a great
6:24 am
time together. >> a true romantic, he toured rector for local tastes of the city tour. he put together a valentine's tour of north beach. a couple leads their way through the neighborhood but learn about food, beverages and how to make them. >> it's always a blast. you see new couples, old couples. here we have roses and a special on coffee. >> then they move on to learn about pasta, pizza, bread and at this place chocolate and love. they know about these things here. mark is the managing owner. >> my wife and i met and fell in love in north beach. we met on the one-year anniversary of the store. >> their love and the store are doing quite well. here the tour goes behind the scenes. >> you go in the kitchen and see what we are up to making, and we are always making something unique and different.
6:25 am
the chefs have carte blanche to come up with whatever they want as long as they keep the store full. >> and, of course, there are tastings. >> oh, yeah. oh, yeah. >> very good? >> that's very good. >> tom with some final advice. >> don't each much before, okay? we don't believe in minor tasting. >> the tours are available throughout february. they take about three hours and cost $59. all the food is included. now i have a link to the website if you want to check it out. go to i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> more than one hundred years after claude monet painted his masterpiece, this sunset, some students figured out the exact moment he did so. researchers at texas state say the key to the discovery is the setting sun he captured off of normandy, france. they marched up and down with reproductions of the painting and zeroed in on his exact vantage point with topographical measurements.
6:26 am
it turned out it was different spot than what historians originally thought. and they compared software and narrowed down the dates the sun would have been where shall where he painted it, and they narrowed it down to five days february, and then with tidal charts and weather charts they monet's personal letters, they determined that february 5th was the day monet was inspired by the beautiful sunset and the time was 4:53 p.m. very cool. >> the sacramento kings gave their fans a new way to see the game last night. the kings gave a pair of google glass to members of the dance team, an announcer and even sampson. this is how it looked like when the players wore the practice during practice yesterday. the feeds were airbed on the video board inside sleep arena. coming up, the political pressure that went into completing the new bay bridge.
6:27 am
did caltran ignore complaints of shoddy workmanship. and from the birthplace of local
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>> welcome back. we are starting out this half-hour with a quick look at the weather with lisa argen. >> we are starting out pretty mild. temperatures 11, 13 degrees warmer than yesterday at this hour. near 60 trees at-moon bay. just a little carolina by the delta and napa. overall it's the high and mid-level cloud cover and an offshore flow that is keeping us so mild. temperatures ranging from the low 50s in san carlos and san francisco, and our coolest numbers really aren't that cool. 43 livermore and napa. but we are looking for a slightly cooler highs today due to all the cloud cover. but it will mix out. you see the beginning of what will be a pretty nice sunrise. the sun coming up at 7:19. afternoon high temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s. a little pit of cooling at our coast with a stronger on shore push. we could see the fog return tonight. and more cloud cover and more changes for the extended outlook. come back and we will show it to you in a few minutes.
6:31 am
katie. >> lisa, thank you. new this morning, president obama says sexual assault affects not only individual victims, but the entire country. in his weekly address the president said sexual assault is an afront to basic decency in humanity. he's proposing a white house task force to address the problem on college campuses. >> over the past five years we've stepped up our efforts to stop these crimes. and this week we took another important step, to protect young women at college. an estimated one in five women is sexually assaulted at college and that's totally unacceptable. i've created the white house task force to protect students from sexual assaults. we will help schools doing a better job of responding to and preventing sexual assault on their campuses because college should be a place where our young people feel secure and confident, so they can go as far as their talents will take them. >> president obama said the government has a role in ending sexual assault, but he says it's up to everyone to teach young people to help put an end to the crime.
6:32 am
top caltran officials found themselves on the defensive before lawmakers in sacramento yesterday. they had to answer tough questions about ignoring and even covering up construction problems with the bridge. >> any issue that kim up was thoroughly vetted. >> the caltran director denies the damaging findings of the state senate report that looks back at the construction of the new bay bridge, including allegations of a coverup. >> i have no evidence or no reason to believe that there was any coercion or anything like that and bullying to make determinations. >> as a senate committee hearing the bridge manager, tony, was mentioned most often as being the one who regularly told stuffers not to document any potential problems with the bridge. at least not in writing. >> was that unusual, in your experience at caltrans? >> not when it's about issues that concern the quality of the project.
6:33 am
>> i did try to regularly remind staff, please, when you are communicating in whatever fashion you may be communicating, please make sure that you are accurate. that was my message. not don't write things down. >> mike morgan was on the foundation team for the bridge when he tried to call attention to possible defects with the concrete used in the piles -- pyles plunged into the bay. >> after the falsifications were discovered, it quickly became apparent to me that the problem was being kept secret and either ignored or covered up. >> a metal expert talked about what went wrong with the giant bolts that broke and had to be replaced >> the choice of materials for these rods was grade bb high strength steel. that is why we are here today. that was completely the wrong choice of steel. >> none of those who testified raised any serious concerns going forward about the safety or long-term integrity of the
6:34 am
bridge. in sacramento, laura anthony, abc7 news. health officials have confirmed three more flu-related deaths. this brings the total numbers of deaths in the bay area this season to 32. one of the newly confirmed death was in alameda county and the other two in santa clara county. the h1n1 virus claimed the death of a 53-year-old and 43-year-old the last two weeks. they both had health issues. >> younger than 65 that this pre-existing medical conditions and they are considered high risk for this particular type of influenza. >> the state department of public health says they are seeing many more flu cases that this year and they expect peak season to continue into february. in berkeley the battle to save a world-class museum you may not know about continues but as wayne friedman reports, you probably are more familiar with
6:35 am
it than you realize. >> you probably saw this place countless times and probably heard it too. one with the tower and lightning bolts on the front door and three letters that used to resonate in this parts. >> it was a real radio station. >> it was until it closed and the california historical radio society turned it into a museum. >> everyone in existence today has some connection to radio. >> a connection that steve and the volunteers here are trying to save because this collection and museum are in jeopardy. >> the problem is the california historical radio society does not own this building. a landlord does and that landlord doesn't care about 75 years of history. hence all these boxes. these guys need a new home. >> we don't have any good alternatives right now. we have to find some low-cost, voluminous storage and we don't have an answer. >> they have already begun the
6:36 am
moving-out process and have found a new building to buy in almeda. the society has raised $700,000. but needs $400,000 more. >> this place is off the beaten path. this place is hard to get to. we are going to be a block and a half from downtown almeda in a beautiful neighborhood. >> they want plenty of space to show everything, including the bay area radio hall of fame and every piece of equipment. it's evocative stuff. radio columnist ben grew up with a radio like this one in his home. >> an old radio conjures up a past time when you were more innocent, when entertainment was simpler, when the world was simpler. you just tuned into the world through that radio. >> not only are these pieces nice to look at, if you want to work here, brush up on tube theory. learn to use a soldering gun. they keep the stuff running. >> as good as new, if not better. >> then what? >> then we listen to them. >> i would like to know who put breadcrumbs in a glass of water? that's where grandpa keeps his false teeth. >> or play with them in on original studio dating back to the 1950s. >> can you duplicate this in the
6:37 am
new museum? >> we are going to try, absolutely try. >> old radio blends art, technology, culture. this tribute to it just needs a home. from berkeley, wayne friedman, abc7 news. to help the californian radio historical society keep its new home, we have a link to its website at steve cushman is a video editor here at abc7. today new york yankees pitcher cc sabathia will be here for a free baseball camp. it's part of the pitch in foundation baseball pro camp. the camp works with north vallejo little league to provide camp scholarships to 244 girls in the city. today's camp runs from nine to noon. also happening today the san francisco's giants pitcher
6:38 am
jeremy affeld will package meals in the name of charity. he, along with five hundred teenagers, will make and pack meals for the homeless. >> coming up, we will take a look from our exploratorium cam. that looks gorgeous in blue. you see the partly cloudy skies there. lisa argen says possibly, maybe, a little bit of rain next week. we8t ñxtes0p0p
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hose who've been deniedvere and nyquil severe. ewelcome to covered california. now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at a new exhibit opening today at the san francisco zoo kind of stinks, as well. it's called "the scoop on poop" and it was inspired by the popular children's book of the same name. visitors can do, quote, fun things like touched fossilized dinosaur droppings or see dung in action. and how animals use poop to communicate with each other.
6:42 am
>> they actually poop in the same spot and communicate through hormones and pharamones. it's sexual availability, who is in town and all that kind of stuff. >> yeah, that works. if you are squeamish, you don't have to worry, no fresh fecal samples on display, but the rhinos next door provide a fitting aroma for the exhibit. with that, we bring in lisa argen. >> good morning, everybody. we are looking at a pretty nice start to the day. high clouds making for a very pretty sunrise. 7:19 the time of the official sunrise. extra cloud cover in the forecast today. will it limit the warming? and another spare the air day. a look at your forecast when we return. >> thank you, lisa. also neck, the warriers and timberwolves running down at oracle arena and the game comes
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[ female announcer ] wherever morning brings you, bring the energy you need. nature valley soft-baked oatmeal squares. softly baked, made with hearty oatmeal and a drizzle of cinnamon. they're nature valley's take on a morning classic. because when you keep going, the morning can bring you to brand-new places. ♪ nature valley. nature at its most delicious. >> some south bay high school students are learning the importance of giving a small gift can have as much impact as a large one. but even those behind the gift giving yesterday were surprise when had they were able to grant one very large gift. we report from san jose's pioneer high school.
6:46 am
>> keeping a secret can't be easy among 1700 students yet no one knew who among them would have wishes granted as they scrambled to have bleacher seats from the gym. students and teachers last fall were invited to make wishes and it was up to the 90 students in three leadership classes to decide which ones to grant. some were easier to grant than others. stephanie wished her 92-year-old mother could attend and meet the students. several families received gift cards or restaurant vouchers on behalf of students who wanted to recognize them for sacrifices made and long hours worked. slider ship class students had to raise the funds. >> i had two freshmen who were the lead fundraisers and they had to contact business, communicate with them and ask the right questions, give the right information, and they were instrumental in getting us these donations. >> one wish stood out as the toughest to grant. one student asked for a new van for her family.
6:47 am
the old one kept breaking down. >> there's been a couple times where the kids are late to school because the considers won't start, you know. so, yeah, this is unreal. >> capital honda came through with a replacement van delivered an hour later. but the general sales manager has two sons at pioneer high school. and she was surprised she got her list. >> maybe because it wasn't a selfish wish, it was towards all my family, i don't know. i'm so shocked by it. >> leadership students can breathe easier about keeping secrets. >> it was kind of awkward kind of in class when students would say, oh, you are in leadership, are you going to grant my wish? and we are like, we'll see, like maybe. >> if it didn't happen this year, maybe next year. abc7 news. >> 6:47 on your saturday morning. lisa says change. that's if. >> yeah. we had the high fire denger and surf advisory and that's over. we are looking at more cloud cover and a spare-the-air day today. that's the beginning of some changes. you may be noticing how mild it is out there with temperatures near 60 at the coast. that's an offshore flow.
6:48 am
and high to mid-level clouds. so it is a different kind of start out there for the weekend. we are looking at temperatures, though, once again above average. here's a look at emeryville where it is cloudy and the beginning ofdy light. 52 san francisco with low 40s oakland. redwood city. look at half moon bay, 61 degrees. this morning at 5:00 it was 57. so we have just seen the temperatures slowly tick up, but the west winds are going to take over today and the coast is actually going to be one of the cooler locations. our exploratorium camera, what a nice way to wick up, isn't it? with a clear start with a few clouds around adding to the dramatic sky there. 34 in santa rosa. good morning nap but. 43 for you. as much as 11 degrees warmer than yesterday morning there. 48 in fairfield with livermore coming in at 43. so cool for you in livermore this morning. from our roof camera, looking at a mild to warm weekend. so that hasn't changed.
6:49 am
but the air quality is not so grit today. once again high pressure building and that allows for that lid on the atmosphere. but we do have low pressure in the vicinity, allowing for the high clouds. and the signs of change for late in the week. in fact, we are adding, i have added a few raindrops to the seven-day outlook. i'll show you in a few moments. area of low pressure that has been off the coast, bringing up the higher clouds from the south. we still have a high surf advisory for southern california. but for the bay area that's subsiding. we will look for the filtered sunshine throughout the afternoon. so high temperatures once again which above normal with numbers in the upper 70s in los angeles. with 79 palm springs. sacramento could see some records with 75 there, as well as chico. and on the coast looking for mid-60s. so to begin the work week we are looking at temperatures once again above average. then things will begin to turnaround a little bit. so a little dip as we go through
6:50 am
the early part, maybe monday a few degrees cooler, but then as we warm up, a ridge out ahead of this tough that could bring a few sprinkles thursday, friday. so the cooler temperatures on the way, the cloudier skies, and the chance of rain increases for you north of san jose. so that includes oakland where high temperatures will be coming down into the 60s. but still starting out with above average highs for the first part of your weekend, and then the changes. 69 in richmond, swell san mateo and san rough tell. 70 san jose. the accuweather seven-day forecast spare the air today. temperatures cool we're the west wind. wicking up to fog tomorrow. we look for the warmest disto be in the middle of the week and more clouds with the chance of showers and maybe sprinkles thursday and friday. looking a little bit different anyway. >> i'll take it. thank you, lisa.
6:51 am
in sports tonight the san jose sharks will try to win their sixth game in a row when they play the minnesota wild. the puck drops at 7:30. last night the warriors look to snap a slump against the minnesota timberwolves. here's sports director larry beil with highlights in this morning areas sports. >> good morning. the warriors in the midst of a five game homestand. it's not going great. hosting the t-wolves last night and it was kind of defense-optional for a while. looked like the first team to 150 would win. first game for steph curry since being named as an all-star game starter. came out firing early, shaking ricky rubio and knocks down the three. steph had 15 the first quarter. finished with 33 points. here the bank is open late on a friday night and one four-point play. teams combine for 126 points in the first half. kevin love, the beast. 26 points, 14 boards, one-handed there. tied at 88. late in the third. kevin martin. attention k-mart shoppers! knocked down the triple. martin 26 points. final seconds. clay, half a step late. and minnesota up one.
6:52 am
last chance for golden state. steph smothered. harrison barns for the win? no. warriors have a look but fall 121-120. grant twiggy baker won the 1/2 ricks invitational. not sure how he got that name anybody it's a secret. we assume it's because he's a lien, mean 165 pounds. and mistakes at mavericks can be fatal. some incredible rides on 40-foot waves. shane doorian from hawaii, streaking down the face. he would finish second behind the south african baker, who takes home twelve grand and his second mavericks title. the money comes at a good time because billabong dropped baker
6:53 am
in a sponsorship deal last year. they may want to rethink that. >> an amazing feeling. >> last night stanford. chiney, career double. they win. first half brittney birdie finds rigby, who had 17. cal was up 11 but the trojans would storm back. late in the game a 9-0 run. and cal gets taken down, 77-70. that's a wrap on sports. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> coming up next, the bay area dog show where you just never know what breed you are going to
6:54 am
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so we made our own commercial to tell you why. first, chex makes lots of gluten free flavors. which is a huge thing for us. and there's seven to choose from. like cinnamon, honey nut, and chocolate. i tell them "you guys are gonna turn into chocolate chex!" i like cinnamon, greg is a honey nut nut. when you find something this good, you want to spread the word. [ all ] we're the pearsons, and we love chex!
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>> here are the winning number from lift night's 672 mega millions $ draw. blink >> nobody correct le picked all six numbers. tuesday night's jackpot grows to $71 million. >> getting ready for the by area's biggest dog show happening this weekend. golden gate kennel club's 113th and 1214th annual all breed dog show take place today at could you palace.
6:57 am
the events include a fashion show and the best in show competition. i love dogs. i would love to see all of them but then i would want all of them. >> you can have mine. >> i like that. >> we are looking at a nice mild afternoon. a spare the airdy today and maybe not what you want to see for this time of year. looking pretty unusual still with upper 630s to low 70s. but as we look at the extend outlook we still have the mild days but we increase the cloud cover and even the possibility of this rain come thursday, some sprinkles on friday. and it won't be much, but it is just, you know, anything we can get. >> sure. when kind of dog to you -- do yu have? >> i have a beagle. >> all right. i'll take it under consideration. >> thank for joining us on the saturday morning news. "good morning america" is next. have a greatdy!
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good morning, america. new overnight, watch what you wear. the warning to our olympic athletes not to look too american around sochi. the new concern about safety at the games, plus the state department's brand-new travel alert. and also breaking overnight, killed on campus. a college football player gunned down outside his dorm. the school on lockdown. the latest on the search for suspects. tweet victory. >> you know, famous people tend to just pay people. >> singer courtney love speaking out about the verdict in the first of its kind twibel case. what this could mean for twitter users. ♪ and shaping up on "sesame street." the muppets' important new message aimed at fighting fat and making kids healthier. even the cookie monster has a new message of moderation. [ playing the theme to "sesame street


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